Porto Pino: your Sardinia

The crystal clear sea of ​​Sant’Anna Arresi

Once you arrive in the tourist resorts of Porto Pino, in Sant’Anna Arresi, the first thing you’ll want to see is certainly the sea.
And how can we not understand this urgency?
Porto Pino is like a painting with bright and vibrant colors that infuse serenity, joy and a great desire to enter it. Porto Pino is a crystalline sea with a thousand shades of turquoise, emerald and deep blue; Porto Pino is the gold and silver reflections of the finest and whitest sands, Porto Pino is a splendid system of dunes among the most beautiful in Europe designed in time by the chasing of the winds of Maestro, Scirocco and Libeccio; Porto Pino is a different show every day.
Porto Pino is wonderful and welcoming in spring and summer, numb and gentle in autumn, impetuous and wild in winter, it is a continuous and growing emotion that don’t abandon you even when it is far from your eyes.
It will be for the colors, the perfumes, the noises or for the silences, it will be for its numerous aquatic inhabitants and woody that they create the magic and not to fall in love of Porto Pino is really difficult.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit its beaches, coves and cliffs; take a picnic or a run in the shade of its beautiful Aleppo pines, make regenerating aromatherapy with the scents of the sea, mastic, juniper and myrtle. Make a full energy with the delicate scents of the sea bindweed, the wild lavender and the sea lily to relax and rediscover inner peace.
Listen the noise of the undertow, the singing of seagulls and kingfisher, a great background if you love to keep fit with yoga and pilates in the open air.
The dream of your holiday begins now and is realized with us.

Other places of interest near the Hotel

  • Is Zuddas Caves – Santadi (SU) – Distance 28 Km (30 min.)
  • Necropolis Montessu – Villaperuccio (SU) – Distance 26 Km (30 min.)
  • Coal Museum – Carbonia (SU) – Distance 26 Km (30 min.)
  • Monte (Mountain) Sirai – Carbonia (SU) – Distance 31 Km (35 min.)
  • Flavia Port Mine – Loc. Masua / Iglesias (SU) – Distance 54 Km (70 min.)
  • Henry Gallery Mine – Bugerru / Iglesias (SU) – Distance 67 Km (80 min.)
  • Archaeological Museum and Tophet – Sant’Antioco (SU) – Distance 30 Km (30 min.)
  • Archaeological Area of ​​Nora – Pula (CA) – Distance 53 Km (60 min.)
  • Temple of Antas – Fluminimaggiore (SU) – Distance 68 Km (75 min.)
  • Island of San Pietro / Carloforte – Ferry from Calasetta / Portovesme (SU) – Distance 40 Km (45 min.)