The Lagoon of Porto Pino

Pink flamingos in Porto Pino

Before arriving at the tourist town of Porto Pino, to the right of the road, for those coming from Carbonia, it’s possible to admire the rolling hills and the beautiful countryside framing one of the tranquil ponds that are part of a much more humid area. important directly connected to the Saline of Santa Caterina. These are the Maestrale ponds, Is Brebeis, Porto Pino, Corvo and Foxi. It is wetland and renowned for the presence of the beautiful and characteristic pink flamingos that in the periods less frequented by man take up residence and color the lagoon area of ​​white and pink. But others are the friends of wild avifauna that you can meet such as cormorants, egrets, kingfishers and small piro piro. The scenery is beautiful and in spring it is a true paradise for birdwatchers, walking, horse riding or cycling. The realm of relaxation just a few meters from our hotel, which is in an optimal position for many beautiful walks in nature. Often the ponds are so calm as to look like mirrors reflecting rolling hills, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub. A show of soft or fiery reflections of sunrises and sunsets, absolutely not to be missed.