Cycling Tourism

The Cycling Tourism at Cala dei Pini

Hotel Cala dei Pini is the Bike Hotel in Porto Pino.
Sardinia offers relaxation, nature, good food, history, traditions but also roads, beaten paths, rural routes ideal for cyclists or for those who decide to know the town of Porto Pino fwithout missing the small details that make unique and unforgettable holiday. Hotel Cala dei Pini is a Bike Hotel thanks to the passion of its owner.

In the Hotel you will be offered a series of stages and itineraries designed to discover the surrounding area.
That you’re a passionate about bicycle or that you want to try this emotion for the first time, at Cala dei Pini you will find the most suitable proposal for you.
Hotel Cala dei Pini offers a range of special services to live your passion.
Specific equipment:
• Bungalows for storing bicycles equipped with alarm
• Rental Bike (MTB or Walking Bicycles)
• Rental of shoes, helmets and lights for nocturnal excursions
• Repair kit.


The rides bikes of the Cala dei Pini

There are many routes of Cycling Tourism in Porto Pino proposed by the Hotel Cala dei Pini.
The Cala dei Pini has prepared for its customers some cycling routes suitable for everyone, from enthusiasts looking for a more difficult route, to tourists who want to try for the first time the experience of cycling tourism.

Porto Pino Lagoons and Sea

Location: Porto Pineto
Difficulty: Low
Time: 60 minutes
Stages: 1
Distance: about 15 Km
Bike ride of Level 1 available to all.
After the departure from the Hotel Cala dei Pini, you will find the Mistral Lagoon and the salt canal, then crossing the Nuraghe S’Arri site.
We continue passing next to the Baiocca Lagoon in the town of Masainas to get to the Sa Salina beach in the town of Masainas. You return South, arriving, first at Cala Su Portu de Su Trigu in the town of Sant’ Anna Arresi and then back to Porto Pino along the sea
in the locality of Porto Pinetto. Finally, you cross the Street delle Margherite towards the Hotel Cala dei Pini, by way of the small port.

Porto Pino Lagoons and Sea Hotel Cala Dei Pini

Porto Pino – Perdaiola

Location: Hills of Sant ‘Anna Arresi
Difficulty: Medium / Low
Time: 75 minutes
Stages: 1
Recommended bike: MTB
Distance: about 20 km
Departure from Porto Pino, circuit of level 2, with low difficulty, height 100/200 m.
From Porto Pino we reach the place of Perdaiola crossing small fractions between dirt and asphalt streets, to go near the archaeological site of Coi Casu. You arrive at the village of Sant’Anna Arresi and go towards Is Seis, a hilly area, then go towards Perdaiola and start the descent through other small villages. You arrive in Porto Pino passing through the panoramic dirt road of Porto Pinetto, on the sea side, overlooking the Island of Sant’ Antioco. The circuit is mixed in dirt and asphalt Street.

Porto Pino – Perdaiola Hotel Cala Dei Pini

From Porto Pino to Is Cannoneris Park

Location: Santadi-Teulada
Difficulty: High
Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Stages: 1
Recommended bike: Mtb
Distance: about 98 Km  

Hike with level 3, high difficulty, total climb from 0 to 1000 meters can have with ramps from 6% to 12%; excursion that requires a good level of training and ability both uphill and downhill, you can have possible visits to the Caves of Is Zuddas, Pantaleo Park (Santadi), Is Cannoneris Park where you can admire specimens of Sardinian Deer, then descend towards place Is Carillus, passing through green areas and landscapes that start from the beaches of Chia, Capo Teulada, Gulf of Porto Pino, its Dunes and the Island of Sant’Antioco.

From Porto Pino to Is Cannoneris Park Hotel Cala Dei Pini

Porto Pino and its Coves

Location: Porto Pino
Difficulty: Low
Time: 60 minutes
Stages: 1
Distance: about 10 Km
It starts from the Hotel Cala de Pini, along the lagoon of Maestrale and then reach Nuraghe S’Arri flanking the Saline Canal. Going South-West through the famous vineyards of Vermentino and Carignano, you arrive at the first Cove. The Coves that you can see are: Su Portu de Su Trigu, Cala dei Francesi and Cala di Porto Pinetto, you reach the Pinewood of Candiani, the forest of Ginepri and Pini D’Aleppo and then arrive at the Leisure Port of Porto Pino and the Hotel Cala dei Pini.

Porto Pino and its Coves Hotel Cala Dei Pini

Porto Pino – Masoni de Monti

Location: Hills Sant ‘Anna Arresi and Teulada
Difficulty: Medium / High
Time: 90 minutes
Stages: 1
Distance: about 28 Km
Mixed excursion level 2 with medium difficulty, height difference to be tackled about 400 meters, with a predominance of dirt street and short climbs but with gradients ranging from 4% to 8%.
It starts from Porto Pino at the Hotel Cala Dei Pini, skirting the Mistral Lagoon, passing through small housing developments and then arriving, after about 8 km, to the town of Sant’ Anna Arresi.
You cross Sant’ Anna Arresi along the SS 195 and then through Street Is Domus you begin to climb the hilly area of ​​the town of Perdaiola at the begining and then Masoni de Monti, in the town of Teulada. Here you can admire beautiful views, at the highest peak of the place that allows you to look at the coast from Capo Teulada to the island of Sant’ Antioco. Then you start going down to get to Is Seis, Is Palas in the town of Sant’ Anna Arresi and then after a few hundred meters leave the provincial road towards the town of Porto Pino through the various housing developments of Is Spigas and Is Pillonis, between asphalt and dirt roads.

Porto Pino – Masoni de Monti Hotel Cala Dei Pini