The Beaches of Porto Pino

The First Beach, the Second Beach and the Beach of the Dunes

Porto Pino allows you to choose the best beach based on the breath of wind or your preferences between a crowded beach or uncrowded.
In Porto Pino you can choose sandy beaches and shallow waters, very suitable for families with small children or rocky coves, more suitable for those who love diving and look for the tranquility.
The coastline that is located in Porto Pino is an expanse of sand, it’s only about 3.5 km across, that stands out in three different beaches: First Beach, Second Beach and Dunes Beach.
The First Beach is located in front of the parking of the tourist port and is certainly the most popular and provided with various services such as kiosks, shading and public baths. The sand is very fine and is suitable for children to play also for its calm waters with shallows.

The Second Beach, certainly more beautiful because less traveled, is a long expanse white sand with a beautiful pine forest of Aleppo behind it. Its shoreline is like a chest that holds small fragments of coral that give it a splendid pink shade. Along the beach it will not be unusual to find a multitude of shells.
The Third Beach is that of the Dunes Beach, for which we have reserved a special section dedicated to its beauty.

The intensity of the colors is almost blinding. In front of you, an expanse of bright turquoise water will welcome you and drag you down from the pine wood to discover the Porto Pinetto cove, known to the locals as “Portopineddu”. Fine sand is mixed with small fragments of coral and shells that give a pink color to the shore forming small beaches interspersed with rocks in the soft colors of the earth. On the horizon appears the island of Sant’Antioco and the two islets of Vacca (Cow) and Toro (Bull), which for their beauty deserve a visit. Continuing towards North-West of the coves of Portopineddu leads us to one of the pearls of the Sulcis, the Beach of the French.
Last sandy cove of the coast of Porto Pino, is a jewel of nature with its fine sand like the talcum powder, with the characteristic rosy color of the shore. The reefs and the Mediterranean scrubland protect it from the Mistral wind and the crystalline sea that gives it an even more sophisticated charm.

Far 2 km from Porto Pino, always in the North-West direction and taking the provincial road and then a dirt road, you reach another beautiful beach in the town of Sant’Anna Arresi, “Porto de Su Trigu”. It has the same characteristics of all the beaches of Porto Pino, offering enchanting sceneries not only for swimmers but also for divers who like to delight in the wonders of the underwater world. The peculiarity of this beach is that very susceptible to winds and storm tides.

Punta Menga is a beautiful green lung that protects from the winds of Scirocco the Coves of Porto Pinetto and from the Mistral winds the Cliff of Candiani and the enchanting Grotta dei Baci (Kissing Caves).