The Pinewoods of Porto Pino

The Pinewood of Porto Pino, Porto Pinetto and Candiani

The chrome plating of the coast of Porto Pino is a continuous surprise. The brilliance of the crystalline sea and the white sand excites us. The combinations of colors seem chosen with skill by someone who has really good taste up there. Even the pine forests that frame beaches, coves and cliffs are of unparalleled brilliance and intensity. The pine forest of Porto Pino, Porto Pinetto and Candiani are home to the Pino d’Aleppo, grown in this area spontaneously and characterized by needles of a very bright green and trunks and pine cones with silvery shades. The play of reflections created by the sun is sensational and makes everything even more magnetic. To the west of the first beach, the Pinewood of Candiani extends to the cliff of Punta Menga. The pine forests of Porto Pino have a fundamental role in preserving the delicate balance of the dune system that runs along the beaches and coves of the entire area and also hosts a wide variety of animal species such as wild rabbit, Sardinian hare, fox and different species of birds.