The Dunes of Porto Pino

The beach of dunes in front of Porto Pino

The Dunes of Porto Pino are also known as the White Sands and are located to the south, at the end of the pine forest Aleppo and inside the military area of ​​Capo Teulada.
The Porto Pino Dunes extend as a small white desert for about 800 meters and their access is allowed only during the summer. In any period you visit them it is always better not to step on them so as not to damage their delicate balance.
The Dunes are a sandy system of rare beauty that, in the lights of the sunset, offers a spectacular play of shadows, thanks to the presence of ancient junipers. The sea mirror that opens in front of the Dunes is a tribute to the palette of a painter who likes to mix colors with the different variations of blue, turquoise and emerald.
Another characteristic of the sea facing the Dunes of Porto Pino is the transparency of the water that lets you admire a backdrop of silver sand. Where, instead, the sea becomes deeper you can see a shallow rocky seabed where it is not difficult to see a bunch of fishes, sea urchins and beautiful starfishes.

Reaching the beach of the Dunes from the Hotel Cala dei Pini is very simple because the entry to the dirt road that leads to them is just a few meters from the road that leads to the structure.